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  • By : Brian Bush
  • April 14, 2009
  • 2:18 pm

Hello Everybody!

Lets talk a bit about Passover, which for most Jews, will end tomorrow.

Passover marks the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt, from slavery to freedom. Jews are commanded to tell the story as if it had happened to them personally and not as a mere historical event, in order to emphasize the importance of their history and identity as a people.

Passover is marked by preparations that remove any food product that contains leavened products as command in Exodus 12:19 and 13:7.

In the absence of leaven, Jews eat unleavened bread, or matzah, during Passover. This also goes back to the Exodus, where the Hebrews, not having had time to wait for dough to rise before leaving from Egypt, journeyed into the desert with unleavened bread.

Passover is probably best known for the special meal known as the seder, which commemorates the Exodus from Egypt. Jesus Himself observed this most notably on Maundy Thursday just prior to His betrayal in Gethsemane.

During the course of the seder, the Ten Plagues against the Egyptians are recalled. And Jewish tradition maintains that the parting of the Red Sea and the destruction of the Egyptian army occurred on the seventh day of Passover, but even though Passover celebrates the Exodus from Egypt, Jews do not really focus on the death of the Egyptians in the sea.

Beginning tonight there will be festive services and readings in synagogues (including the Song of Songs); as the seventh day of the Passover begins and the holiday draws to a close.

The observance of Passover reminds us of the passing over of Judgment from God. Because Gods judgment was placed upon Jesus upon the cross – not because of what he did wrong – but for what he did in His love to save us from wrath and eternal separation because of our sin.

Because of sacrificial God's love, the forces of evil have been washed away. We have been freed from the slavery of sin and bondage to death – and we will not wonder aimlessly for an eternity in a desert life away from God.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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