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Peace Dance

  • By : Brian Bush
  • June 3, 2008
  • 2:17 pm

Greetings from a hot a Jerusalem!

Yesterday, with all it's celebrations marking Jerusalem Day for the Israelis, came to a close – but there are tons of youth still moving about the Old City today!

Most of the garbage has been cleared and the barricades removed – but soldiers and police are still visible… why?

For many it is a time full of passion and emotions. With Prime Minister Olmerts departure to America and all he's expected to achieve in brining peace, not to mention all his personal dilemmas at the moment, it's a highly sensitive time.

I am an optimistic person –and I think it's important to be positive too. Discussion is the key to opening confidence, and on the eve of Mr. Olmerts departure some commentators are calling for talks on all of Israel's fronts.

Some see this as a 'last dance' for Olmert and President Bush. It kinda makes sense if you look at the ticking clock for these politicians. Is it possible that US participation in Israel-Syria peace talks would be President Bush's and Prime Minister Olmert's big, and likely last, chance to strike a cord of hope? It would be an opportunity to end the conflict between these two countries and tip the balance in the Middle East.

Will they step up?

When leaders sit with each other, do you wonder what they ask of each other? History records that future generations often play a role in leaders decisions. For others it is control, exit strategy, legacy…

God asks us to Pray for the leaders over us. I'll leave the details to God Almighty – but I know He would like to see humans live without fear – or a life without threat of war.

Ironically, today's papers are full of the fact that Olmert will be asking Bush for F22's and an advanced Missile system.

A strong military is key to peace, but I will pray for an olive branch in the beak of a dove – for all the children of this region.

Join me!


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