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Perceived Goals

  • By : Brian Bush
  • September 13, 2011
  • 11:51 am

Hi Everyone,

Lets follow on with Valerie's question put to me during yesterdays Harvest Show about the visit of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan's visit to Egypt.

There is a large amount of press about his visit here in the Middle East. Many in the Arab media are welcoming it, some are skeptical, and it seems that the consensus amongst the leaders of the Arab world is to stay quite in a posture of disregard of the affair.

There is still suspicion of Turkey in general amongst some in the Middle East as the Turkish Ottoman Empire ruled here for 400 years until after World War I.

Some are going as far as to call the leader an actor. Others refer to Mr. Erdogan as a Sultan – the stereotypical Arab leader.

People are worried that Mr. Erdogan will use his visit to Cairo to show more disdain toward Israel.

For many, this will increase his popularity in the region – something he is counting on as he is accompanied by a fairly substantial military and commercial entourage.

For some in the populace he will be welcomed in Cairo as a national hero – but many commentators are saying that is not what the Egyptian leadership needs or wants right now.

Anything done against Israel will further complicate relations with America – and the Military rulers understand that they can't do that.

Because of that, this visit by the Turkish Prime Minister will probably not translate into any kind of huge daring alliance between the two countries.

American interests have already canceled the once floated idea of Mr. Erdogan visiting the Gaza Strip from Egypt. Rumor has it that the Egyptian generals who lobbied against the trip.

Some in Israel are a fearful of a Turkish presence ruling this region again. For too long the peoples of this region have tolerated foreign interference.

Lets hope that that will translate over not only to the perceived Turkish goals – but also the Iranian ones.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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