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  • By : Brian Bush
  • February 26, 2009
  • 2:28 pm

Hello to you!

Lets talk about the political back and forth today with the forming of a new Government by Mr. Bibi Netanyahu. He has said, I (the Likud party) will bring better diplomatic results than his rival (the Kadima party headed by Tzipi Livni).

It was leaked that in an internal discussion, the Likud Chairman said that he is interested “in real partnership” with Livni, but in their upcoming meeting tomorrow he will not support the two state solution (Israel and Palestine) that Livni is demanding.

What's the option?

Some have said that with a single state solution that it would be impossible to accuse Israel of apartheid, as Israel is often under criticism. If Netanyahu is not satisfied with the existing situation and refuses the two state solution – all you have left is a one-state solution.

Mr. Netanyahu's confidants, media has reported, knows that his will be a narrow government, and that the Prime Minister-designate will meet again tomorrow with Livni but even he doesn't believe that he'll succeed in convincing her to join him.

So as of today, it would appear that there is very little chance for a unity government.

Some have said that it is personal ambition that motivates Tzipi Livni in her refusal to join a Netanyahu government.

It could be said that in the incoming government, she will be able to prove herself to her peers and the public away from the temper tantrums of Mr. Olmert and Mr. Barak.

While I believe that it is also possible to serve the State from the opposition in the Knesset, it is dangerous for Ms. Livni who could lose support from her own colleagues in the Kadima.

I mentioned Mr. Barak – what is he doing? Well, he still checking whether to join Mr. Netanyahu's coalition. Tomorrow he will meet with Mr. Netanyahu.

Meanwhile within the Likud the ministers are nervous that if Livni and Kadima were convinced to join Mr. Netanyahu and his coalition, their portfolios will change.

Thus the negotiations continue!

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