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Pride Parade

  • By : Brian Bush
  • June 26, 2008
  • 3:01 pm


I guess the topic of the day is the Gay Pride Parade!

That is the talk of the town today.

Some are going out to see the people, a few to protest the event. I was out earlier and there were loads of Police climbing off busses and municipal crews were on the street hanging the 'Rainbow' flags where they usually place the flags of countries of visiting diplomats.

The parade hasn't been publicized as the past and therefore the fever pitch revolt that was felt last year has not been present. I guess another factor is that it was only a few days ago that Tel Aviv held it's Gay Pride Parade to hundreds of thousands of people.

The crowd in Jerusalem is expected to be much smaller, and the police will number 2000 as opposed to 12,000 last year.

Oddly, this is one event where the Jewish, Christian, and Moslem leaders have cooperated together and spoken with one voice against the parade.

Some right wing Jewish leaders to a court case to prevent the event but the Supreme Court of Israel denied their petition.

It is one of those situations I suppose where you hate the sin and love the sinner. Jesus, perhaps even in this city as He did elsewhere, interacted with those outside the norm of Godly lifestyles – and helped them. Thus we need to emulate that same wise care – without compromise, and to pray for peace between men.

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