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Prisoner 'X'

  • By : Brian Bush
  • February 15, 2013
  • 2:08 pm

Hi All,

The 'Prisoner X' headline remains in place going into the weekend here in Israel.

The original breaking of the story occurred on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation where a program by an investigative reporter.

The portrayal was of an anonymous person being held in isolation, without contact to the outside world, under 24 hour observation for an unknown reason.

This person, two years ago, allegedly hanged himself in a suicide proof cell.

The alarming and key term was that this individual was 'disappeared'.

What did Israel say it did? Nothing as it would not address the issue upheld by two courts who placed a gag order on all information.

But social media and the Internet effectively bypassed the censorship here in Israel as foreign news agencies picked up the story.

The state continued it's silence, and sought to censure as it convened Media Heads in a hastily called meeting.

Only latter, after the story spread to major news networks, did the security establishment partially lift the gag.

A statement was issued saying that the prisoner's family had been notified of his death, that he had legal representation, and that he had been held pursuant to an arrest warrant that had been issued against him.

There are many questions regarding the affair and calls have risen for an independent state commission of inquiry.

It is known that the individual is a dual citizen Australian national who had several passports bearing different names. He is known most commonly as Ben Zygier- Alon.

He was buried in his native Melbourne about a week after his death, and is survived by an Israeli wife and two children.

The common understanding is that he was a Mosad intelligence agent who was being investigated by the Australian intelligence service for his alleged role of using his Australian passport for the proposes of spying for Israel.

There have been reports that the young man was part of the alleged hit squad sent by the Mossad to assassinate a senior Hamas official in Dubai – and that he was either going to reveal methods and names of the Mosad team to either Australian intelligence or the Dubai Authorities.

I'll have a live update Monday so be sure to tune into the Harvest Show.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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