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Progress toward Peace

  • By : Brian Bush
  • November 6, 2008
  • 11:39 am

Well, Barak Obama has won the election and even today it is all the talk over here. Some happy, some apprehensive, and time will tell what happens next with the Peace process.

Secretary of State Condeliza Rice is due here shortly to make one more run for progress – progress that is shakey at best when you have two of the three leaders (President Bush and Prime Minister Olmert) departing shortly and the third leader – President Abbas could be removed next year.

Regardless, Mr. Olmert is off to Washington to secure concessions, agreements, and whatever else he can get from President Bush while they can still maneuver politically.

When you look at Israel's present Government, many in the public here are crying foul because they feel that as Olmert resigned he should not be conducting disputed negotiations for Israel with it's neighbors.

Perhaps the question could be asked is will these negotiations and coordinations of the outgoing leaders at this time help or hinder the new government Israel's people will vote in mid February? And not only that, again you'll have a new administration for America when that happens.

So what do we do with our time over here until then? Perhaps more planning and preparations.

Some are fearing that the ban on American representatives from holding contacts with Hamas leaders will be removed after Mr. Obama moves into the White House. It is also thought that an Obama administration would push for the resumption of Israeli-Syrian contacts, under US auspices – if Olmert doesn't beat him to it…

So then this leads us back to the current state of affairs – Dr. Rice's visit and Mr. Bush's view for Middle East peace. It may just be that Mr. Bush will do most of the decision making for the new Obama administration and the new Israeli Government on the Peace process.

From Jerusalem,


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