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Push for Cease-Fire

  • By : Brian Bush
  • July 22, 2014
  • 7:02 pm

Hello Everyone,

Amidst increased violence and a bleak immediate future the United Nations General Secretary Ban-Ki Moon has arrived in Israel to push for a cease-fire.

He has come out saying that no country would tolerate rocket fire into their cities, but has asked Israel to exercise maximum restraint while condemning Hamas' use of schools and hospitals to launch rockets.

The General Secretary has reiterated that both sides need to start talking.

Meanwhile in the conflict more deaths on both sides have been recorded.

But the glaring figure is that among Israelis, the deaths are among soldiers, where as among Palestinians, the deaths are largely civilian – 70% overall according to the UN.

Gaza itself is one of the most densely populated pieces of dirt on the planet. Civilian deaths in this conflict are sadly inevitable because the Gaza fighters are simply among and operate within the civilian population – which is pretty much everywhere in the Strip.

A significant development (and blow to Israel) is that it has announced that one soldier is indeed missing in Gaza. There is a general feeling that he is dead, but that he may be alive has not been ruled out.

This news comes after Israel's UN Ambassador Ron Prosor strongly denied that an Israeli soldier had gone missing at the UN Security Council meeting held earlier this week.

Such an occurrence was meant to be avoided with the heavy troop presence Israel has as it operates in the heavily populated areas of Gaza's north.

But it also reflects another development, that Hamas and other militant groups are operating in a manner more identified with military tactics as opposed to a vigilante group.

With both US Secretary of State John Kerry and the UN's chief diplomat in the region the pressure is on to get a cease-fire in place.

But things seem to be increasing at this hour, and the fact is the Israel's stated goals of destroying tunnels and stopping the rocket fire have not been met.

Hamas will be slow to accept a proposal, because they won't see their expectations met and, they appear to have the current 'roaring' rights in causing a sizable death toll amongst Israeli soldiers while being out gunned and technically deficient – and in obtaining the one Israeli soldier.

But we should not forget that this has come at an awful price of human and physical destruction to the people of Gaza with over 600 dead and nearly 4000 wounded.

Israel too suffers, although not to the same toll. However with the announcement of a temporary suspension of a limited number of civilian aircraft flying into the country, there may be a window of opportunity to take deliberate steps towards heading the call to stop and talk.

We can pray that God may open the eyes of leadership that they may see the pain and act to utilize their influence to stop hostilities.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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