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Rescue from Conflict

  • By : Brian Bush
  • August 12, 2008
  • 12:27 pm

Good Day Everyone,

Chuck mentioned in yesterdays Israel Update the fact that Israel is assisting the Jews in Georgia to flee the fighting taking place there.

Since the outbreak of hostilities, The Jewish Agency for Israel has assisted up to 200 Jews living near the town Gori, which is located about 20 minuets drive away from the South Ossetian border. They have worked to evacuate these people to the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.

It is being reported here in Israel's media that most Jews outside of the capital have heeded the warnings and have arrived in Tbilisi, where the rest of Georgia's 12,000 Jews reside.

As a matter of a little background; according to figures released to the press, since 1989- 23,287 individuals have immigrated to Israel from Georgia under the auspices of the Jewish Agency for Israel. In 2007 there were 324 new immigrants compared with 260 immigrants in 2006.

For a couple of days now Israel has tried to get flights off to Tbilsi to airlift those Jews who wish to leave the conflict for Israel.

One flight yesterday was unable to fly out because the radars at Tbilisi International Airport have been bombed beyond function by the Russians. Most of the more than 100 Israelis waiting to leave Georgia who are listed for evacuation on this flight, a Boeing 757, are mainly tourists and businessmen.

A second El Al plane set off early today to Tbilisi in order to evacuate more Israeli nationals waiting to leave the war-torn area, and a second is preparing to go at the moment of posting this.

If the flights are unable to land in the Georgian capital, they may fly to the neighboring country of Azerbaijan. In this case the people would be brought there by land to board the flight.

That's the latest from here.

Thanks for checking in, and lets pray for the fast and peaceful solution in this terrible conflict.


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