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Rising Tentions

  • By : Brian Bush
  • January 24, 2014
  • 7:20 pm

Hi All,

We have spoken recently about rising tensions in the Gaza Strip.

There is also tension that has been building in the West Bank – although it will not lead to something such as a Third Intifada.

There have been stoning incidents, scuffles with settlers, confiscations of land, and other things that seem routine sadly.

The term “price-tag”; actions settlers take against Palestinians and non-Jews in reprisal for something they do not like, have been on the rise. These attacks are many times acts of violence against property and places of worship.

In Jerusalem recently we have seen it against some churches and this last week unknown persons attempted to set fire to a mosque and spray-painted “Blood revenge; hello from Kusra” in reference to incident between settlers and Palestinians there.

But one of the bigger issues is a bit of a paradox for the Israeli's.

There is no contest that the Barrier Wall has succeeded largely in keeping terror of the streets of Israel despite the injustice and isolation it creates.

The security establishment is completing the fence along the trans-Samaria highway which is the main entry point for Palestinian's who enter Israel illegally.

But the expressed concern among the IDF and a growing number of Israeli Government officials – including Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and Naphtali Bennett who largely represents the settler movement in the Right, are expressing concern about the economic plight of the Palestinians and their economy.

They are speaking up because a bad economy births terrorism.

Talk is circulating about aiding the economically poor Palestinian Authority, private sector businesses, the tech industry, and even farmers in the Palestinian areas.

The good side on this is that if successful, this could build trust, greater economic cooperation, and ultimately a more 'normal' life for Palestinians.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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