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Russia and Israel

  • By : Brian Bush
  • June 29, 2012
  • 2:27 pm

Hi All,

Lets end out our week be looking at the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Israel.

Mr. Putin was here for just over 24 hours. The importance of Putin's visit to Israel is the visit to the State itself – amidst so many changes in the neighborhood around her.

He apparently was convinced by the Israelis on the topic of Syrian weaponry falling into the wrong hands as Russia has pulled out of a signed deal with Syria for an advanced anti-aircraft defense system worth 100 million dollars.

Concerning Iran, he is still holding his cards close to his chest.

The Iranian nuclear effort is intended to control the Persian Gulf and keep the West (and Israel) at bay.

Russia has lost significant influence in the Arab Spring and does not look to fair too well by the time this all finishes.

Russia knows they got to play to the West on the new changes to the Middle East because a nuclear Iran would be a threat to pro-American regimes in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

Further worry stems from the regional and global economic and security concerns. Oil destabilization would harm the security of the United States and its economy.

Israel would be a target for Iran's nuclear capabilities too, but not the only one.

Israel and Russia share common interests regarding the so called 'Islamist threat'.

Iran is a topic seen differently by the two countries. Israel perceives the West is working too slow and too soft on the topic of sanctions against the Iranians.

Russia on the other hand has helped the Iranian nuclear program develop.

Time will tell if Mr. Putin's visit here will bring a merging of positions between the two countries or the deterioration of differences.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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