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Singing in the Rain – Nope!

  • By : Brian Bush
  • July 29, 2008
  • 10:59 am

Hello Everyone!

You know what I am going to write about? The Weather!

Sprinkles in July??? Yesterday the weather people said it may rain up north in the Galilee and in the center of the Country – Jerusalem!

This is the middle of the summer… It was HOT over the weekend, but some system from Europe has appeared to come down, bringing much needed relief.

Sadly, it also brought stormy waters to the shores – not so much storms and wind, but rough waters have claimed the lives of 5 beachgoers. My family was at the beach over the weekend and enjoyed the water – but it was definitely close to shore. But all the caution didn't dampen our time as the girls happily sang their silly songs all the way home!

Fact is one series of waves caught us up a bit and I bashed into my youngest as she twirled under the water that had sucked her down and wasn't letting her rise.

But whether this is the result of climate change or nature's mercy, here in this arid desert land this moist air is appreciated – the sky is so pretty too!

Some say this land itself back in Biblical days was a lot more covered by trees and plant life. That may be – Biblical history runs back about 5000 years from today.

There's been a lot of scorched earth over 5 millennia – that has undoubtedly contributed to changing the face of this land.

But in the end it did not sprinkle in Jerusalem – but it sure felt like it at one point! – We even had to get some long sleeves on – all at the end of July in the middle of the desert…

All the best to you!


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