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So where are we at?

  • By : Brian Bush
  • August 19, 2008
  • 10:29 am

With all the excitement of the Olympic achievements, the conflict in Georgia, and the resignation of Musharraf from Pakistan's leadership – the issue of peace talks in the Middle East has been off the radar.

Where are we at, and what is happening?

We are at the same place we have been for months – and it is going to stay that way until the new presidency in America and the new Prime Minister in Israel.

So what is happening? Israel certainly isn't sleeping on the subject as they have quietly done some national diplomacy on both sides of the Presidential race.

The media here is reporting here that Israel has handed the United States details of what Israel sees as necessary security arrangements for a future permanent settlement with the Palestinian Authority.

From the Israeli perspective the goal is to convince the departing Bush administration to adopt this document now – and there in establish the Israeli demands prior to any continued serious negotiations with the Palestinians.

This tactic was used regarding the words written from President Bush to Ariel Sharon about his (President Bush's) belief that Israel need not worry about returning back to the cease fire lines of 1967 due to 'realities on the ground' (i.e. settlements).

That particular paper is now Israel's main defense against the two historical UN resolutions dictating it's withdrawal.

Mr. Olmert cleverly discussed the security arrangements matter with both candidates Obama and McCain – and allegedly has gotten their agreement on receiving the agreed-upon Israeli formula.

Diplomacy never sleeps…

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