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Some Things Never Change

  • By : Brian Bush
  • February 20, 2012
  • 9:57 pm

Hello All!

There was an example in the media that struck me – because as a kid I remember stuff happening just as it was put forth.

It went more or less like this, a phenomenon that happens in every grade school class.

The troublemaker takes something from another, and hides it somewhere.

The upset child asks for his stuff back.

Nothing happens and the punches start…

That doesn't hurt, says the troublemaker.

Then the dilemma comes: The assumption is: the blows are not going to work, or 'I gotta throw more punches' – either way, the goal is to give up the stuff.

But then there is the All that precedes the ultimate punishment – 'I am going to tell teacher!.'

In the media there are reports that in the American administration there are those who believe that the sanctions on Iran are ineffective.

The fact is that As reported last week on the Harvest Show, Mr. Ahmadinejad understandably says that the sanctions have no effect on Iran.

But there is a real problem here.

These folks out there have a conclusion – strike Iran or to let Israel do so.

But really, the sanctions only started in recent weeks and it is simply too early to assess their effectiveness.

It's funny because the papers are full of the fact that Iran has stopped selling to England and France. Who actually feels the pain of that punch?

In this part of the world, people say one thing and do another. The sanctions will hurt Iran, but they are not going to admit it.

Ohhhhh some things never change for us as humans… child or adult.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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