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Syrian Chemical Weapons

  • By : Brian Bush
  • April 23, 2013
  • 4:33 pm

Hi Everybody,

Not necessarily a pleasant thing to comment on – but Israel today has said it has evidence that Syrian Government forces have used chemical weapons in their fight against rebels.

US President Barak Obama has said that if President Bashar Assad were to do such a thing that there would be serious consequences – but can he deliver on that?

Yesterday I reported on the Harvest Show about Jordan being rumored to have opened their skies for drones to be able to fly over in route to Syria to monitor the more than 50 believed sites of storage.

All in all, Syria is believed to have around 1000 tons of Chemical weapons.

These are believed to be mostly nerve agents such as sarin and mustard gas – but there are some who say Syria has invested in the past in creating more potent agents such as VX.

These weapons have been made mainly to be delivered by air, missiles, or artillery shell.

The sheer volume of deadly chemical – spread around so much, increases the likelihood that an amount can fall into the hands of terrorists and used against Israel or the West.

Syrian Government forces allegedly guard these locations right now. What happens if they get overrun by rebels – what happens then?

By the time this would be understood, there would be little chance of any foreign power dropping in to secure the highly sensitive material – or what would be left of it. As Chuck mentioned in the news today – there is little chance of NATO getting involved, and America wont open another front in the Middle East in what is a very challenging and complicated situation.

And then there is the whole question of if the rebel army does bring a new governance in Syria – who is to say that they will not want to keep them?

Syria is not part of any Chemical Weapons treaty now, so the rebels may want to use the whole issue as a way to blackmail the West for their wants.

And this leads us back to Israel.

Nobody knows what the face, or faces, of Syria may turn out to be should the Assad Regime go.

Some argue that a new Syria could become a hotbed for radical Islam – right on Israel's doorstep.

Israel is largely believed to have nuclear capabilities, and a new government (like the old regime) will see Chemical weapons as a form of determent against the Jewish State.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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