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Syrian/Palestinian Relations

  • By : Brian Bush
  • June 10, 2011
  • 4:28 pm

Hi Everyone,

Looking back on this past week the story has been Syria.

As has widely been reported, and it may well be, that some Syrian or foreign forces such as Hezbollah or Iranian, made an almost cynical use of the Palestinians on the observation of Nakba Day on the Golan Heights.

If it were in fact done with the consent of Syrian President Bashar Assad – it has boomeranged back in his face.

The problem is that in the many Palestinian arenas the ground is shaking – and he can feel the earth moving under his feet – and he doesn't want any further instability right now to deal with.

Following the many deaths on the Nakba Day, a growing rift is becoming apparent between him and the Palestinians in the refugee camps in Syria.

Over the decades these Palestinians, who were displaced with the creation of the State of Israel, have been one of the President's (and his father's) most loyal populations – they need him for support and protection, he needs them for political leverage.

However, when the coffins of the young people who were killed were returned to the Yarmuk refugee camp, the camp erupted in riots.

The anger was not directed against Israel, but against those who dispatched these young Palestinians to the Israeli border. Those Palestinian elements identified with the Syrian government bore the brunt of the outrage.

To the Syrian Government's credit, on that day the authorities cancelled the permits that allow Palestinians to go to the Golan Heights.

Syrian army checkpoints, which are usually 15-20 kilometers (5 – 10 miles) from the border, prevented Palestinians from reaching the area.

It seems someone wised up in the Syrian leadership and understood the measure of the Palestinian wrath and the potential danger in using them as pawns against Israel.

Meanwhile in northern Syria, earlier in the week there were reports of army defections.

It should be noted that if these reports, which are coming from opposition sources, are true, then President Assad must contain such actions or he is in real trouble because army defections are an equilibrium-breaker.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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