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The Anticipated Report on Iran

  • By : Brian Bush
  • November 8, 2011
  • 2:58 pm

Hi All,

The news over here continues to be dominated by the Iranian Nuclear Program.

The highly anticipated International Atomic Energy Association's report, due out this week, seems to be – as far as the view from here, the last opportunity to avoid a confrontation.

Israel feels frustrated. They are hoping that this report will detail specific things that will indicate Iran's program is for weaponry, and that it will do what the US, Germany, France and Great Britain have failed to do up until now – create a unified international front with a powerful punch.

If the international community will put in place and enforce a crippling embargo upon Iran, this will cause its leaders to understand that continuing the nuclear project will bring devastating economic sanctions.

Iran can hold out for a time, but their economy is not good, so the situation for the average citizen's daily life will get worse.

Should this happen, the stability of the regime could be undermined – something the West has longed for but never been able to bring about.

But as was pointed out in my Harvest Show update yesterday, not everybody is on board for these sanctions.

No one doubts that the Russians do not want Iran to have nuclear weapons, but this issue is not a priority for them.

Then there is China, although China will find it difficult to stand alone in the UN Security Council in favor of Iran.

Such a display of the International community's determination is likely the only thing the leaders of the Iranian State will understand – and take seriously.

The only other possibility is the military option – whoever will carry it out.

But if a military attack is carried out, the outlook from the ground here is that the damage is liable to be much greater and wider than that just destroyed facilities in the Iranian desert.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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