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The Battle Continues

  • By : Brian Bush
  • February 3, 2009
  • 4:05 pm

Well friends – I told Chuck yesterday that we would do an update for you regarding the Israeli elections – so here we go!

One week before the elections: the Party leaders are trying to waken voters with their verbal battles.

And you can see their faces everywhere – busses, buildings, and the media. Bibi Netanyahu, Tzipi Livni, and Ehud Barak – but wait – here comes a fourth candidate who some say will actually entertain more of the vote than the Defense Minister – Mr. Barak. Avigdor Lieberman continues to climb upwards.

He, with his harsh words – many of whom say is racial incitement, is leading the Right-wing bloc that is strengthening in the polls. Despite investigations for fraud, breach of trust, and money laundering just to mention a few – and preparations for an anticipated indictment – Lieberman continues to rise.

But oddly – there seems to be a satisfaction on the Left that somehow Mr. Lieberman will yet endorse Livni over Bibi if he has to choose.

As for Mr. Barak, he is firing in all directions. He realistically has no chance to be Israel's next Prime Minister.

Mrs. Livni is out with a new message this week. This time it's the peace card. To counter this message, Bibi and the Likud are stressing the unity of Jerusalem and the removing of Hamas.

Some in the press are saying Kadima is waging a scare campaign against Netanyahu and the Likud.

Others are saying that Livni should appeal to women – but then again her Knesset record on women's issues isn't all that good.

So the attacks will continue like a boxing match until we reach the final round and the public will judge who they wish to lead them in the next chapter of Israel's history.

We'll keep you posted,


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