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The Nails of the Crucifixion

  • By : Brian Bush
  • April 26, 2011
  • 4:14 pm

Hi Everyone!

Lets focus today on Mr. Simcha Jacobovici who claims that the nails used to crucify Jesus Christ have been found.
He has created a television broadcast described as a 'documentary' to promote his claim.

To set the record straight, Mr. Jacobovici is neither a biblical scholar, nor an archaeologist, nor a journalist. He is a filmmaker. He has created a niche market in delivering theories about biblical subjects.

His critics point clearly to the what they say is Mr. Jacobovici's motive for producing such material – desire for money.

Sadly, media often needs sensation to generate it's revenue, and Jacobovici provides this. The folks at various cable channels like the credit and enjoy the ratings (hence why this all comes out right before Easter).

But who allows for such programs making claims like this to actually get into the main stream?

Where is the Church in rebuffing this man?

Why would editorial chiefs and program managers allow Mr. Jacobovici – who also produced miss-informative and unorthodox presentations on Jesus' 'brothers', His tomb, His shroud, and purported dalliances with Mary Magdalene to rule their airtime?

Ultimately I suppose it is the viewing audience, some wishing to know more than what God has left for us to know in the Bible, some not able to discern between academic thought and archeological stability and the whimsical lust for attacking another's foundations in faith… and least we forget, those who buy the DVDs and CDs of these types of materials are also at fault.

They make it all possible for the next con to fund the next project and launch more of this kind of material that tears down rather than builds up.

And if some may disagree, it may be good to point out that the New York Times ignored the story of Mr. Jocobovici and his claim knowing of his track record, and the key universities in Hartford, Connecticut and North Carolina in Charlotte have not given credence to the holiday hoax either.

Christ is Risen!

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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