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The New Year

  • By : Brian Bush
  • January 1, 2009
  • 2:39 pm

Happy New Year Everyone!!

One of the enduring moments of my life over here is the peeling of the bells from all the towers and domes of Jerusalem's Old City Churches on New Years Eve at midnight.

This goes on for nearly 15 minuets and then is often accompanied by firecrackers from revelers that carry on for a while after.

Last night there was no such ring in the cold dark windy night.

As in times before when there is fighting in this land, often described as the crucible of conflict, the joyous noise is left to want.

It appears to be the Churches way of saying that all is not right, things are not well between brothers, there is something missing…

Obviously that something could take on many forms and be called peace, respect, or acceptance.

It may also be a way of reminding those party to the conflict that there are people who the Churches are concerned about. Again, this may be found in different manifestations being perhaps some of their own, the oppressed, the old or the young.

Or maybe too, that it is simply a small way for the Churches to say that God is not pleased with the situation down here in this land that He loves.

I recall when that now famous handshake between Yitzak Rabin and Yasser Arafat took place on the lawn of the White House that the bells rang out here – there was hope – man is capable – peace!

Thank God for these lovely cast metal reminders of God's glory in that He has provided a Savior – Christ the Lord, who leads us to reconciliation with Himself and each other.

Pray do take a moment to pray for the peace in this land – on this new day of 2009.

Thank you,


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