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The Numbers Game

  • By : Brian Bush
  • September 27, 2011
  • 8:31 pm

Hello Everyone,

As I mentioned in yesterday's report on the Harvest Show, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's poll numbers have climbed after they were down from his handling of domestic policies.

You'll recall there were massive popular protests over the high cost of living here in Israel.

So what happened to those big protests and the tent cities?

Well – much of the tent gatherings were ordered removed by legal forces except for small symbolic numbers.

The organizers, in a de-facto way, after the huge gathering of over 460,000 Israelis on the street said 'OK, we made our point, we got an official committee of inquiry that the government will have to listen to and act upon – so lets go home.'

But now that committee has released it's findings and the social protest leaders aren't impressed – in fact they are angry.

After 50 days of discussions, the so-called Trajtenberg committee submitted its recommendations in various areas, but there are no far-reaching changes suggested.

Overall the committee recommendations were received with doubts and criticism. One of the main points listed was to cut 3 billion Sheckles (~ $850,000) from the Israel Defense Forces budget.

But the main gripe is that 80% of Israelis will not feel significant positive change. Those who will are parents of young children who will receive an increase in their government assistance.

Implementing the recommendations in the report will take years as it is, and the protest leaders are simply disappointed – they feel it's not enough.

Their response; “We asked for root canal and got a teeth cleaning.”

Israeli's understand that there cannot be any change without, a dramatic change in the composition of the Knesset.

Otherwise, it will be politics as usual, if the politicians don't heed the people's voice for change.

Protest organizers say they will be back in the game on the street in mass numbers at the end of October.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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