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The Politics of what was to be a Good Day

  • By : Brian Bush
  • January 27, 2009
  • 2:18 pm

Today is a bright and crisp day here – beautiful in fact. At a time when much of the media both in Israel and in the West Bank is commenting on life returning to normal – it is a natural God given gift.

The analysts have turned a corner in their remarks mostly. This is a natural evolving because obviously after the conflict in Gaza ended, and my colleges in the international media were let into Gaza and reported on the destruction there, audiences wanted to know the situation. After those few days go past, the commentators then start popping up saying who won and why – and what should have been different.

So now suddenly, on this eve before Senator Mitchell arrives we've had the sad routine occurrence of an act of hostility. A road side bomb has gone off and killed one Solider and injured two. Israel is looking for the perpetrators within Gaza, and will more than likely respond in a very big way – perhaps before Mr. Mitchell touches down, or after he leaves – whichever they feel will maximize their position in the eyes of the newly appointed peace broker.

It is also sad, that this has happened after President Obama's interview with Al-Arabiya where he has really sent a stunning signal to the Arab and Muslim world that he will lead America on a course to undo the perceived anti-Islam view and reach out with the key ingredients of mutual respect and interest. The interview was timed to give Mr. Mitchell a further 'push' before engaging the sides.

President Obama also spoke about his thoughts regarding the Middle East peace process and specifically the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Although he did not divulge anything particularly new – it is the fact that he's keeping his campaign pledge to directly get involved in the process earlier rather than latter – and doing so with astounding clarity and an aire of truth that gives people a bit of fresh air. But this breathing room here has suddenly crowed with today's clash. For some, business as usual. For the rest, we must believe that peace will prevail, and the elements that hold back the hope for peace – vanquished.


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