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The Situation

  • By : Brian Bush
  • January 13, 2009
  • 1:37 pm

Dear Friends,

There have been many who have asked for my observations and comments on the ongoing and escalating situation in Gaza.

There are multiple ways to look at the situation. And when people express their views they are often polarized.

It is not easily understood – and is long and bitterly made.

Being here for 16 years I have actually seen quite a bit… But I wish more was done to end fanaticism (on all sides of this conflict) – not with force, because that remedy, as we have seen, only breeds more. Measures to undue the situations that brought about the fanaticism need to be taken. It is possible if all sides, along with the international community, would will it.

The protests seen world wide are a tell tale sign that the big picture of Middle East Peace must be resolved, or the time will come where the often authored apocalypse will be brought about.

In Jerusalem we are detached from the physical goings on in Gaza and Southern Israel – other than seeing the vapor trails of aircraft and occasional roars in the distance. We do see the ratcheting up of tensions with both sides living side by side in this divided city.

People ask me – who's side are you on? I must respond that I am on “God's side”, an answer in and of itself that can be interpreted as a fanatics. God grieves at what man does to His creation. Sometimes acts like what we are seeing are the only way to stop something, I realize this.

But my answer is an expression of the reality that God has seen ever since Cain wanted to live in the world without Able. Able took action and got what he wanted – and man has suffered ever since, with God grieving.

I grieve too – there are other ways to deal with differences – and the principles are the same – man reaps what he sows.

But this action right now is also political, mixed with religious fervor, and this complicates a resolution.

Thank you for your prayers and concern, and do please remember to pray for the Christians of Gaza, so vulnerable to both parties at this time. May God give them strength and witness.


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