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The Wake After Elections

  • By : Brian Bush
  • February 12, 2009
  • 2:19 pm

What's the news today?

Kadima still leads with 28 seats – but it will become clear tonight if the soldiers' votes will give the Likud (who has 27 seats) another seat to create a tie.

Now in the wake of the election we have the wheeling and dealing;

Bibi Netanyahu, head of the Likud, is said ready to offer Avigdor Lieberman the Finance portfolio (this is kind of fun because in the coming weeks it looks like Lieberman will be investigated for bribery!). He wants to offer Tzipi Livni and Kadima Foreign Affairs or the Defense Ministry.

Shas, the Orthodox party, is demanding the Construction Ministry from Netanyahu, including the precious Israel Lands Administration.

Rumor has it that the conditions that Lieberman laid down to Netanyahu and Livni in exchange for paving the way to the premiership include an immediate change of electoral system (which most people want anyway); the Foreign Ministry for himself; the Interior Ministry, civil marriage and other religion-and-state reforms all to his nationalist party in order to punish the Shas party.

But the assessment in the Likud is that Netanyahu will agree to give the Foreign and Defense ministries to Kadima.

So what are these partys doing then?

Everybody is in contact with everybody. Likud is in the effort to be certain that they muster up a right-wing bloc of at least 61 MKs for a majority and then that they will recommend Netanyahu to the President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Perez.

Kadima, on the other hand, is in an effort to persuade Peres to assign the responsibility of forming the next Government to Livni.

So the only thing we know today for sure is that the new Knesset will be younger, have more women, and be less religious.

All have the latest live tomorrow on the Harvest Show so be sure to tune in!


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