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Time is Short

  • By : Brian Bush
  • February 22, 2013
  • 3:25 pm

Hello All,

With all the difficulties in coalition negotiations Mr. Bibi Netanyahu is having right now, lets look at the situation in greater detail.

A sign that things are going bad for Netanyahu is that new comer Naftali Bennett's campaign team is reportedly reading to resume campaign activites.

The Jewish Home Party is preparing for the situation in which Mr. Netanyahu will not succeed in forming a coalition.

Their Campaign team held meetings this week and have allegedly upheld their commitment to the Yesh Atid party and its boss Yair Lapid (also a political novice star), and to the potential conditioning of entry into any new government on Netanyahu cancelling Tzipi Livni's appointment as Justice Minister and as the one responsible for diplomatic negotiations.

A spokesperson for the Jewish Home said that the alliance with Lapid is ironclad, and that they would prefer new elections over entering into a new government without him.

So even though Netanyahu has tried – he has been unsuccessful in breaking the alliance between Bennett and Lapid.

Mr. Bennett has said that he will not compromise even if Israel were to go to new elections.

Essentially they will not give in on their party principles. Both he and Lapid feel that it is an abandonment to allow Livni to conduct the diplomatic negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, as she has been involved with previous governments proposals that the two men feel she went too far with the Palestinians.

Mr. Bennett, the former Cabinet Secretary for Mr. Netanyahu, has said he is ready to get to work, but if he and his party will be in the opposition – it will be not be a disaster.

Netanyahu feels Bennett is working to topple a potential right-wing government – something Netanyahu can easily achieve within a day's work.

But standing in the way of this is the people's vote – which clearly demonstrated that the majority of Israelis want the religious parties to send their youth into the army just like anyone else in Israel has to do.

Most of the political factions that would join Netanyahu's government oppose his adopted plan on drafting ultra-orthodox into the Army.

Time is short, and Netanyahu and Bennett are hardening their positions. If Jewish Home does not come into the coalition plans, there most probably will be new elections.

I'll have a live update for you Monday on the Harvest Show – so be sure to join us!

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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