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Time Will Tell

  • By : Brian Bush
  • March 10, 2015
  • 6:56 pm

Hello Everyone,

Lots of things happening here in the Middle East and we must chose one to focus upon – and lets talk about the upcoming Israeli Elections less than two weeks away.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanuahu's Likud party had been holding it's own over the last few weeks, but now has been overtaken by the Zionist Union party co-chaired by Issac Herzog and Tzipi Livni.

Yair Lapid, who was the election darling last time around has seen his Yesh Atid party also gain ground in the polls.

Prime Minister Netanuahu has been out and about pushing his campaign and trying to secure the vote of the Israeli right.

Mr. Netanyahu has had a love/hate relationship with the settler community over the years.

Currently Netanyahu is in turbulent waters with the enterprise, as documents have emerged allegedly asserting the Prime Minister Netanyahu was willing to do peace with the Palestinians based on the 1967 cease fire lines.

This would leave the majority of settlements outside of the demarcation of Israel proper.

It should be noted that the documents referred to indicate that agreed upon ;and swaps would place major settlements inside Israel's control.

Mr. Netanyahu has gone into damage control mode, visiting the West Bank now for the third time stating that the details in his agreement back in 2009 to a two state solution are now irrelevant.

Netanyahu says that Islamic extremists will be at Israel's doorstep shortly and that control of the West Bank – including military presence is a must for the protection of the State.

The Prime Minister also voiced yesterday that there is an international effort to remove him and the Likud from power.?

But factually Mr. Netanyahu, although in a close race for the elections, is probably not to worried…

Last election, Netanyahu lost the election but won the Premiership, and then was tasked with building his government coalition.

Some analysts are suggesting the same will happen again.

Under the system of governance here in Israel, you can win an election, but fail to bring a government together.

This means the President of the country can ask the runner-up to form a government in a set time frame. If he succeeds, then with the Presidents blessing, he 'wins' the election, and the government he has pulled together will begin.

Time will tell…

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LESEA Broadcasting

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