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To Join or Not to Join – That is the Question

  • By : Brian Bush
  • March 24, 2009
  • 3:48 pm

It's the biggest of the stories today (and there are plenty of them), The Labor Party is to decide this evening: Will Israel have a Government or will it be in the opposition and leave Bibi without what he needs.

Either way you look at it – it is a fight for survival.

The former Prime Minister, Mr. Ehud Barak, declared about a month ago that his Labor Party will be going into the opposition – against Bibi Netanyahu's Likud lead Government.

Ironically today, as is often the case here in Israel, he will try to persuade his Party that a place is in Bibi's Government is the right choice – and in so doing – securing his place at the Defense Ministry.

Clearly in the balance is Mr. Barak's political future. His supporters spin the situation and say that it's all for the good of the country. His opponents say: It's for his personal benefit.

So with the Labor party facing this critical decision to join Netanyahu's right-wing government, Mr. Barak reached an 11th hour deal with Bibi this afternoon, a so-called 'terms of the agreement', and he will now try to sell it to his Labor Party colleagues tonight for voting.

Barak's opponents within his own Party are amazed. As the Party Chairman, Barak is demanding to be allowed to appoint ministers and deputy ministers without the approval of the party conference. For many in Labor, going along with the Likud would be political suicide.

But Labor's entry into the Government has one advantage as some see it: Reducing the strength of the controversial far rightist Avigdor Lieberman.

So perhaps the real question to the Labor Party tonight is this: For the good of the Party, or for the good of the country? The answer will be tomorrows headline.

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