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Tuesday News Roundup

  • By : Brian Bush
  • March 22, 2011
  • 2:07 pm

Hello all,

There's so much going on – lets give you a news roundup at this hour to start your day.

Here in Israel every media is talking about the sentencing of Moshe Katsav, Israel's former President, who was previously been found guilty of rape and other sexual offenses.

Katsav was sentenced earlier today to seven years in jail, with two years probation, and several fines to multiple women whom he was found guilty of mistreating.

When the sentence was being read out Katsav broke down into tears and lashed out at the three judge panel ultimately saying that “the lie has won”.

In the sentencing the judges stated that “no man was above the law”.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu reiterated that point and stated that this “was a proud day for the justice system”.

Government Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni said that “If he (Katzav) had been an ordinary criminal, he might have received a tougher sentence.” The religious political party Shas, who is seen largely as the reason behind Mr. Katsav becoming President of the State years ago, has bared its people from responding.

Further afield, there are reports surfacing that a US warplane has crash-landed in Libya.

A US military spokesman has now confirmed that an F-15 Eagle had gone down and that one crew member had been recovered safely. An operation is under way to recover another.

At this hour we do not know if it was mechanical failure or hostile fire that brought the plane down. Officials are not commenting on where the plane went down till the recovery effort is completed.

And closer to home, we have seen a growing wave of demonstrations against the Assad regime in Syria. Yesterday, thousands demonstrated in the country for the fourth straight day, not far from the Israeli and Jordanian borders in the north.

The government has sent senior officials to a town called Deraa to try to calm the raising tensions. This all began when15 children were detained for writing pro-democracy graffiti. This triggered the first protest on Friday, and subsequent deaths amongst the crowd of protestors followed as police in riot gear shot live ammunition and tear gas to disperse the crowds.

The regime in Syria has been ruled it's people under emergency laws for nearly 50 years, and the Baath Party, of whom the Assad family is head, is known for decisively suppressing dissent.

I'll have a live update on tomorrows Harvest Show – so tune in to get the latest live from Jerusalem.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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