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UN Condemnation of Syria

  • By : Brian Bush
  • October 5, 2012
  • 1:09 pm

Hello Friends,

Yesterday, in an emergency session, the United Nations Security Council condemned the Syrian mortar attack on the Turkish border town of Akcakale in which two women and three children were killed.

The statement cited the impact the Syrian crisis was having on “regional peace and stability”.

Many view it as 'strongly worded', but it was a compromise with Russia, which has blocked previous resolutions condemning Syria.

In fact Russia blocked an earlier draft referring to “international peace and security”.

Turkey's parliament has now authorized it's military for action inside Syria if called upon to do so. The authorization allows Turkey's forces to launch cross-border operations against Syria for a period of one year.

This has brought on several anti-war protests. Thousands of Turkish citizens held a rally in Istanbul's Taksim Square. Protests were also reported in other cities and towns including Izmir, Mersin, and Eskisehir.

This comes months after a Syrian anti-aircraft battery shot down a Turkish military plane over the Mediterranean – a dispute that had quieted, though certainly was not resolved.

Neither Syria nor Turkey is interested in escalating this incident.

The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country will not start war with Syria.

Syria is not wanting to open a conflict with Turkey as it would bring international pressure to bare since Turkey is a NATO member state.

In fact at the UN, Syria's envoy Bashar Jaafari offered his condolences over the deaths and said his government was not seeking an escalation with Turkey.

For more than a year Turkey has been a vocal critic of Syrian President Bashar Assad and has openly supported the armed rebellion calling for the end of his regime.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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