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Update on Kidnapping

  • By : Brian Bush
  • June 17, 2014
  • 6:00 pm
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Hello Friends,

Earlier today the families of the three abductees meet at the Frankel family home, the home of one of the kidnapped teens, for the first time for what has been described as a joint embrace.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu spoke with the parents telling them that Israel is making a great effort to bring their sons home. Israel's Security establishment believes that progress has been made in the manhunt for the perpetrators.

In the effort to return the three youths, the Israel Defense Force is turning the hunt into a wide-ranging operation against the Hamas infrastructure, with the intent of extracting a heavy price.

It looks like Israel will take advantage of this opportunity to gather broad intelligence, carry out precise sweeps, and jail potential threats. This agenda is reportedly already starting to bear fruit.

The goal is to defunct Hamas from the image that it has changed or softened it's position on terrorism in light of the Palestinian Unity Government.

Israel is making it clear to the Hamas that the damage it has caused itself by the abduction – if it indeed is the one behind the kidnapping, is going to 'hurt'.

One prominent retired Israeli Intelligence Chief has casted doubt on Mr. Netanyahu's assertion of Hamas being behind the action.

But Mr. Netanyahu is making his political point to the international community that the Palestinian Authority is incapable of preventing or redeeming such situations and Hamas is not someone to make political deals with.

Some Palestinian sources are saying that if indeed the Hamas is behind the abduction that the Unity deal, just weeks old, will be dissolved.

Israeli sources have said that there is cooperation with Fatah in the situation on the ground and that there is anger within the Palestinian organization at the kidnappings as well as some relief in the action Israel is taking to route out Hamas infrastructure in the West Bank despite the political Unity agreement.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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