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Update Sinai Terror

  • By : Brian Bush
  • August 19, 2011
  • 11:00 am

Hello Everyone,

As Chuck said on yesterday's Harvest Show broadcast, lets bring you up to date on the tragic terror attack yesterday in the south of Israel.

This all happened in a fairly remote area down by Israel's southern most city Eilat which shares boarders with Jordan and the Sinai Peninsula that is controlled by Egypt.

At the time of this posting, eight Israelis have been killed and 30 wounded during what was a well-planned attack.

It has been reported that Israeli intelligence had some since of warning about the potential for an attack, and had raised their alert level, but nonetheless the estimated 20 perpetrators were able to move about and execute their plan.

Israeli Defense forces went to the air within hours targeting a group of leadership from the Popular Resistance Committee – killing six – including those who planned and authorized the attack, in Rafah which lies near the border with Egypt in the Gaza Strip.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu addressed the issue stating Israel will immediately respond with heavy force.

Today, again at the time of posting, we have had 10 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel with one serious injury.

There reportedly has been a suicide bomber from the PRC who blew himself up on the Egyptian side of the border with Gaza killing several Egyptian soldiers and wounding more.

Two Egyptian soldiers were mistakenly killed yesterday as the Israeli Air Force pursued terrorists involved in the shooting attack into the Sinai territory controlled by Egypt.

Be sure to tune in on Monday's Harvest Show where I'll have the details as they develop over the weekend.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LESEA Broadcasting

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