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Warning Letter

  • By : Brian Bush
  • June 29, 2011
  • 1:15 pm

Hi Everyone!

This morning, one ship of the second flotilla that intends to break the Israeli blockade and reach Gaza, has left it's Greek port for an undisclosed rendezvous point at sea.

Now Chuck Freeby was interested in the development of Israel's Government Press Office sending out a warning letter to foreign journalists not to participate in covering the story from the flotilla – so lets dive a little deeper into that.

Whatever the reason may be, and lets assume it is for the good, it seems that the situation may have backfired as the international media has been given a reason to score points against Israel in the game of persuasion of viewers on the eve of the departure.

But maybe it could work out to Israel's benifit…

The National Information Directorate somehow thought it best that foreign correspondents should be threatened and warned that 'participation in the flotilla is an intentional violation of Israeli law and is liable to lead to participants being denied entry into the State of Israel for ten years, to the impoundment of their equipment and to additional sanctions.'

It should be noted that a prominent Israeli journalist is sailing with the flotilla.

Some have said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu set this all up to make him and the State look like the 'good guys' by 'reconsidering the matter'.

To date, he has made a decision to allow for the embedding of foreign journalists on Israel Naval vessels as they enforce the blockade on the Gaza Strip. This has been a welcomed move.

Amidst the reports that there could be those intending resistance and even violence against soldiers boarding the ships in the flotilla – this could be a good thing.

If there were journalists onboard – one would hope that they would accurately report such incidence which would only serve to ruin the flotilla organizers declared statement that the participants are peaceful delivering humanitarian aid and gestures to the Palestinians.

It would be hard to justify a third flotilla if such an outbreak were to occur and it was documented by foreign journalists sailing aboard – and this perhaps should be Israel's tactical objective.

We'll continue to keep you abreast of the details as they develop.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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