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Wasn't Meant to Be…

  • By : Brian Bush
  • July 29, 2014
  • 8:16 pm

Hello Everyone,

The cease fire so desperately sought after for so long by so many just wasn't meant to be…

Some sources are saying that as many as 100 Palestinians have been killed today – this after Israel ratcheted up its offensive in Gaza.

A hospital, the home of Hamas leader Khaled Mashal, and Gaza's only power plant have all been hit along with approximately 110 other targets struck mostly from the air.

Among the deaths are more women, children, and UN staff members.

The Israel Defense Force has described today's fighting as a “gradual increase in the pressure” on Hamas.

And the Israelis made good on that by shelling the power plant's fuel supplies.

This forced the plant to shut down – further plunging the 1.8 million Gazan's lives into despair.

Gaza does receive electricity from Egypt and Israel, but the already desperate situation people are facing just got worse as the supply of electricity, already rationed to a few hours a day, will now be even less.

After a brief lull in the fighting earlier this week, the violence has returned with a renewed intensity.

Gaza City seemed to be a particular focus for Israeli shelling as a near constant bombardment could be heard. Footage shot throughout the day showed large explosion after large explosion in the coastal strip.

Any sign that a truce would lead to more a sustainable ceasefire, as was the hope of Secretary of State John Kerry, has been – like many neighborhoods in Gaza – blown away.

There was talk of a unilateral truce from the Palestinian side, obviously brought on by the large numbers of casualties this day has brought.

5 Hamas Militants were killed having infiltrated Israel from tunnels originating in Gaza, with a confirmed total of 23 Palestinian fighters having been killed in total. Over the past 24 hours 10 Israeli soldiers have died.

Rockets have continued to trickle out of Gaza with little effect – with Israel's Iron Dome missle defense system actively engaging the incoming rockets.

At this hour, nothing has materialized in terms of talks for a renewal of yesterday's cease fire. On the contrary, we have heard numerous officials in Israel, including Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, say the offensive will go on and the power of the Israeli assault will grow stronger.

Officials now put the overall death toll near to 1,200 for the Palestinians, with most of those being women and children. There is also approximately 6,700 Palestinians who have been injured.

Israel has counted it's dead as 53 soldiers with three civilians casualties – being two Israelis and a Thai worker killed while working fields near Israel's border with Gaza.

Lets remember to pray that somehow hostilities can end, and for the very small amount of Christians who live in Gaza – that God may shelter them with His wings.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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