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Will for Change

  • By : Brian Bush
  • February 18, 2011
  • 8:57 pm

Hello Friends,

It is hard to believe that it was basically two months ago that a young man set himself on fire in Tunisia and died in protest to what he saw was his government's injustice toward him trying to make a living.

His country rebelled and is now changing. Egypt caught the will for change and now it's in the midst of change. And as you know, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Jordan, Algeria, Syria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Iran – all have had, to varying degrees, turmoil.

When I look at the general situation in the region it is a bit terrifying I suppose – but I always try to remain optimistic – there is huge potential in what is happening.

Israel is taking the Middle East turmoil serious – but what can it realistically do? Well, the Israeli military is acting accordingly, identifying threats and preparing for the worst.

And two significant events have happened the last couple of days…

The Iranians are taunting the West in the face of the sanctions in place against them for their Nuclear ambitions.

But they are also doing this stunt of moving two warships through the Suez canal on their way through the Mediterranean to Latakia, Syria.

They are intentionally raising the possibility of an incident between the Israeli navy and their war ships.

If a conflict were to erupt, the Iranian proxy Hezbollah may well chose to get involved. And lest we forget their is Islamic Jihad in Gaza who can enter the fray.

With all this going on, Sheik Nasrallah gave a combatant speech declaring that his Hezbollah will conquer the Galilee. (Mr. Netanyahu admonished him to remain in his bunker…).

But against the backdrop of a potential military strike against their nuclear facilities, the Iranians are sailing face-to-face with Israel – and in a way provoking a fight.

Israel will not engage them, but will obviously monitor them the entire way. Israel's candid and mostly out-spoken Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said that Israel will not show restraint forever.

But for now it must not push any button no matter how provoking things get.

The chance for change has never been better for the Arab world than today. The West wants to prove Islamist hardliners wrong – and a confrontation with Israel will only embolden the fundamentalist's cry to get Israel.

Once people in their various country's take control of their governments, perhaps we as the people of the Middle East can find what's common amongst us all, and work for a peaceful, prospering and promising future for all of the human family here in this neighborhood.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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