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Working Together

  • By : Brian Bush
  • November 18, 2008
  • 2:03 pm

Hi Everybody!

It is a beautiful day here in Jerusalem! I am so happy for the group that has been here and has traveled up down and all over to see the Holy Land. They have had really good weather and it has been fun to 'see them in action'!

It's also been good to work with the guys who have come from South Bend – the men and women who help create the inspirational content you – and folks all over the world, enjoy on the Harvest Show.

And speaking about shows… what about yesterdays show – live from Jerusalem – wasn't it good?!

You know if you ever miss a Harvest show you can go to and find it – it's easy!

Something that was nice in what happened yesterday was – as you know – it was our communion show. Pete and Kelly started off the show, with Kelly dialoguing about what she had learned on her first trip to Bethlehem. She recounted that the name Bethlehem means in the Hebrew language “House of Bread” and went on to say how fitting it was that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, and how that makes sense because Jesus was called the Bread of Life.

Well, towards the end of the show we had communion – and Pastor Al Nucheroni reminded us that the bread represents Christ's body. As the Scripture points out – He was broken for our sins – that we may have life.

What a wonderful God we have – Him who loves us so much that He would 'break Himself' for us, the undeserving sinners, that we may live with Him, rather than be separated from Him and die.

Friends, thank you for your part in taking this beautiful message all over the globe with LeSEA Broadcasting. We are thankful to have this opportunity to spread the Good News via shortwave, the internet, radio, cable, and satellite – it's a team effort.

People need to hear – we need to share – and it's all happening because of your care.

Thanking you,


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